Metaplus VK

Product Description

Metaplus VK
1000g (Product Code: VK100)
500g (Product Code: VK050)
250g (Product Code: VK025)
100g (Product Code: VK010)

Metaplus VK is a quality Non- Precious Cut Rod Nickel-Chrome alloy. It is completely Berylium free. Equivalent to DIN EN ISO 22674.

METAPLUS VK is suited for torch melting procedures as well as for high-frequency (induction) casting.

Supplied as: 1kg, 500g, 250g and 100g.


Physical Characteristics:
Density 8.2 g / cm3
Melting Range 1'260 - 1'350 °C
Casting Temperature 1'410 °C
Coefficient of Expansion (20-600 °C) 14.1 mm/mK
Vickers Hardness 210 HV 10
Chemical Composition:
Nickel 61.2 %
Chromium 25.8 %
Molybdenum 11 %
Silicium 1.5 %
Aluminium < 0.4 %
Mangan < 0.1 %
HTML <strong>Metaplus VK</strong><br> 1000g (Product Code: VK100)<br> 500g (Product Code: VK050)<br> 250g (Product Code: VK025)<br> 100g (Product Code: VK010)<br>

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