Product Description

A system designed for long-term temporaries, provisionals and replacing the need for a milled titanium bar.

The CST ™technique makes the manufacture process both fast and simple. A CST™ framework can be made in approximately 30 minutes and requires no casting, scanning, or milling – making it accessible to any dental professional with a light curing unit. All the usual protocols for fixed-hybrid dentures are followed which means familiar routines and processes are maintained. Not only are CST™ frameworks strong and easy to fabricate, they’re affordable – making a fixed denture solution more accessible to more people.

The Fiberforce CST Kit (Product Code: 08111) consists of:-

1x 450mm Fiberforce CST Pink Fiber (Hybrid 1.6)

1x 300mm Fiberforce CST Pink Fiber  (Hybrid 1.4)

1x 3ml Pink Resin Syringe + 10x Tips

1x 5ml Bio Bond SF-Bond Resin

3x Support Pillars

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