Silaform 80 Medium Hard 1:1

Product Description

Silaform 80 (2x1kg) Medium Hard 1.1 (Product Code: 127600/1)

Silaform 80 (2x1.5kg) Medium Hard 1:1 (Product Code: 102704/80)

Silaform 80 (2x3kg) Medium Hard 1:1 (Product Code: 102706/80)

Silaform 80 (2x 5kg) Medium Hard 1:1 (Product Code: 127191/80)

Silaform 80 (2x9kg) Medium Hard 1:1 (Product Code: 127606)

Kneadable, condensation-curing, two-component silicone with paste hardener base.
Multi-purpose laboratory silicone for fabricating overcasts-silicone keys, bite registrations, repair models and for blocking out undercuts and for as well as many other uses. Mixing ratio of components A and B: 100 : 3.

  • Non-sticky, smooth initial consistency
  • High final setting Shore A hardness > 70 after 24 hours
  • Practical to mix using the contrasting coloured hardening paste
  • Optically controlled mixing using colour control
  • May be stored for up to 2 years in the sealed original container

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